Actualitat - Christmas Cards - 10/12/2014

Christmas Cards , Col·legi Sant Josep Gràcia

As part of the multilingual project for the Autumn Term 2014, we have established bonds with a primary school located in London.

The main aim was to create a link with other children who despite living in other countries and despite speaking other languages are equally interested in spreading the environmentally friendly message that our school promotes.


The outcome of this tight collaboration was making Christmas’s cards out of recycled materials such as sweetie wrappers, foil, old cards, coffee capsules and draft papers that we no longer make use of.


Our students have written their cards in English and we have sent them over to London. The British school we are working with has done the same but using Spanish as its target language. Furthermore, some of our older students have done a Skype video call to share impressions.


We hope you enjoy the making-of as much as we did creating it!